Oh, Boise!

There is a lot to love about Boise, Idaho. Unfortunately it’s about to get hugged like Portland and Seattle.

‘The Ratho Diet’: Perpetual Golf

About two-thirds of the way through my two-month culinary residency at Ratho Farm in Tasmania, one of my co-workers remarked that I must be on the Ratho Diet, and said I should have taken a ‘before’ picture. He wasn’t the only one who commented on the dramatic physical side effects that came with my newfound addiction for golf. Before…

Acute golf addiction and chasing Mardi Gras ingredients

I remember at some point believing that I would find time to house-make andouille sausage for this Saturday’s Mardi Gras event; the garlicky spiced and smoked pork sausages that many Cajun and Creole recipes rely on for flavor. That was almost certainly before I became hopelessly addicted to golf, a lifestyle change that has been molding my body…

Southern Food Road Trip: Glock Sidetrip in Indiana

I have limited experience with guns, but I did grow up in Kansas, so I’ve shot skeet and been to a gun range and fired shotguns and various pistols with more gun-oriented friends out in the country. John here is amazing, as you will see; someone to have with you when concealed carry is called…

Southern Food Road Trip: Jokes Part 1

I hadn’t planned to include jokes, but people keep telling them to me, and since jokes and stories as communication is so very Southern, I’m going to start recording them!