Mobile Office 1: Central Lake, MI Public Library

Itinerant food and travel bloggers are grateful for the socialism of public libraries, which provide tax-payer supported: WiFi, desks situated next to outlets and in air-conditioning, restroom facilities, and last but not least: librarians. Smart, often funny and usually women, they are welcoming, knowledgeable and efficient. A salve for all the yahoos we cannot always avoid.

Running From a Blizzard and Getting Caught

I was going a grandma 40 in a 65, trying not to stare too directly into the Warp Drive stripes of light just beyond my windshield that burrowed into my retinas like too many tiny shooting comets.

Oh, Boise!

There is a lot to love about Boise, Idaho. Unfortunately it’s about to get hugged like Portland and Seattle.

Paella and Pinxtos at the Basque Market in Boise, ID

[Editor’s Note: This is one in a series of articles about the foodways of the Basque immigrants who settled in the West and Northwest, including Boise, ID, whose population of 16,000 is the highest of anywhere in the US.] Tony Eiguren spins his paella, which he makes outdoors every Wednesday and Friday at the Basque…

Panini Press Recipes from the Road: Brunch of Leftovers

One of the only things that’s tough for me when I’m on an epic road trip is that I don’t always have the opportunity to cook. I have been in Boise, Idaho for the better part of a week at a very cute AirBnB whose only deficiency is that it has no kitchen (though it…

A Delicious Day in ‘Swissconsin’

Immigrants made Wisconsin the Cheese State. You’re welcome. Everyone knows that Wisconsin is the epicenter of the US cheese universe, but did you ever stop to think why that is? If I ever thought about it, I probably just thought ‘Hey it’s a huge dairy state and cheese is a value-added product.’ But look a…